Calendar 2020 –
web application

interactive web application

Calendar 2020 –
web application

interactive web application

Interactive web application Calendar 2020 contains 366 texts of the dreams selected from the Dream Archive. / /. Each of the 366 days in Calendar 2020 is marked by one of those selected dreams. Calendar consists of 12 longitudinal lines, 12 months of the year, in each line, or month, the names of the dreamers whose dreams are selected for the Calendar 2020, are listed by days. Clicking on a particular day opens a dream that marks it.

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”…As the artist herself says, even though it is, at least in part, about a denotement of the time to come, the dreams from Calendar has been already dreamed of. Therefore, at an utopian level, the possibility of having the same dreams reappears at the denoted day. Also, while the primary function of every calendar is to cope with time, to this calendar the “leap from the time” is added, as the option present in every dream; that “leap from the time”

as artist calls it, that displacement from the body of time contradicts the seemingly rigid and closed calendar system, dominated by utter intelligibility and order. They contradict this extremely uncertain year: where are Kata Mijatovic’s dreamers today?’

/Milja Špoljar, excerpt from the text of the exhibition/

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