Cargo Transfer


Cargo Transfer


In the installation Cargo Transfer, the white gondola filled with coal in its last transformation meaningfully incorporates the basic metaphorical task from the performance and video Unconscious: Grand Canal in which it was previously used. In these works, she is a means of transportation, a vessel that transports to sleep; the city chosen for that transfer, immersed in water, with its canals and lagoons, is the City of the Unconscious.

In the installation Cargo Transfer, the gondola is both the personification of a dream and a vessel for the transfer of cargo – the coal with which the gondola is filled. Coal in this work contains all previous meanings of coal as a substance used in previous installations / performances. At the same time, it is the content of the unconscious and the unconscious itself.

‘..The above-mentioned works point to the concept and artistic method of Kate Mijatović, which, by displacing elements and self-quoting, builds a spiral structure of a new narrative field, a kind of oneiric cartography or diary, in which the traces of past and future works resonate with each other, creating discontinuities in the structure of every fold and a new spatiotemporal configuration. For example, through direct interventions such as “public” or “exposed” sleeping (dreaming), i.e. moving content from the subconscious into the public space, it transposes the zone of timelessness into the measurable time of another reality.

It is about the establishment of a double time, the activation of the eternal present to which both the dream and the work of art belong within the apparent causality of everyday life.

In this sense, Kata’s work reminds us that the world we live in is an imaginary that we create ourselves and that otherwise, it, the world, would not even be possible.’

From the text of Irena Bekić