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Dream Archive

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Dream Archive http://arhivsnova.hr/archive is a domain where visitors can place/archive their dreams. The project was realised as the central work of the exhibition Between Heaven and Earth, presented at 55 Biennale di Venezia /Croatian Pavillion /2013. So far, more than 2000 dreams in different languages have been collected in the Dream Archive.

The inclusion of a large number of participants create a global ‘pool’ of dreams; open a space to explore the phenomenon of dreams, and what it is that people dream about today. Dream Archive ask questions to which we still don’t have the answers – why do people dream, and what is the function of the unconscious in the construction of reality. Despite all the paradoxes in wich we live, today’s world is functioning increasingly as a multiplied, pre-agreed construction of the conscious ‘self’. This dominant model of experience of reality, and constructing the reality, is a ready-made blueprint that we are born into. Images of the world, which the conscious self emits today with increasing speed most often serve purely to maintain or add to these constructions. Our understanding of the world basically do not include the knowledge and the power of the psychological spacies behind the conscious self /among wich is particulary emphasized uncoscious/ nor its help in the personal discovery of the mystery of existence on a universal level. Our civilization defines the psychic space of the unconscious solely as a space of supression. At the same time this ‘internal’ spaces, defines us as the human beings much more than we are ready to acknowledge. We spend nearly half our lives asleep, in the unconscious, a fact which – for whatever reason – we refuse to address. And yet the systems of mass control, such as political and media manipulation, can only be avoided in sleep – sometimes we are truly ‘awakened’ only in dreams.Thus the unconscious, primarily in our dreams, becomes one of the last oases of the internal and private that can still offer some resistance to the ‘agreed’ picture of the world.