The Network


The Network


The Network, 1991-2011 is an Internet adaptation of spatio-temporal networking of two works:  Dream Net, an interactive web work from 2005,  and The Driving, a video-work from 2011. By its general features, The Network, 1991-2011 belongs to a series of author’s works dealing with the transfer of unconscious content (dreams) into the conscious, exploring the relationship between two opposing psychical spaces (conscious and unconscious), and in the specific case, exploring the spatio-temporal link between the content.

In The Network, 1991-2011, 29 textual records of the author’s dreams – dreamed in 1991 in Baranja, where author was born and lived until 1992 – were downloaded from Dream Net and applied on video clips from The Driving. Winter landscapes of the Slavonian plains, shot through the window of a bus between Zagreb and Beli Manastir (during one of the author’s visits to Baranja), were used in the video The Driving as a “membrane” on which words / links, downloaded from the Dream Net, appear and disappear subsequently blended in different parts of the frame.

The stories of dreams in The Network, 1991-2011 (as well as in Dream Net) are connected into a labyrinth-like structure where the words / concepts crucial to a particular dream allow the viewer to move through. These words function as links that open the dreams and lead the viewer from one dream to another. In addition to the accentuated structure of the labyrinth, that allowes movement through the net, the work introduces yet another kind of linear movement (present in the video-clips from The Driving), that connects psychical spaces of dreams with real places from the journey, where the actual dreaming occurred.