The Girls’ Choirs

series of performances
2009 – 2021

The Girls’ Choirs

series of performances
2009 – 2021,

Series of performances: Elementary School Žitnjak, Zagreb, 2021 /
Museum of Fine Art, Split 2019 / Almissa Festival, Omiš, 2018 / Iron Festival, Sisak, 2017 / Urban festival, Dubrovnik 2014 / Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2009 

In a series of performances that have been realized periodically since 2009, a group of young girls produce consecutive group screams that last for a few seconds.

Screaming of the young girls in the performance evokes ‘awakening’, but it is also in the function of energy cleansing of the place, where the screaming is performed. For those performing it, screaming is primary expression that occurs at the edges of the language and releases body’s and mind’s energy flow. In order to awake absolute attention similar procedures were used by Zen teachers (for example punch with a stick suddenly and for no reason during teaching). In similar way, screaming causes immediate ‘awakening’ and maximum attention, maximum vigilance and focus on ‘here and now’. Implemented in public space, screaming is at the same time, a cry of rebellion, and of non consenting.